The Property

  • Enchanted Hills is primarily a camp for the blind and visually impaired.
  • There is quite the windy road up there - however, traveling via Oakville Grade is a bit easier on the stomach.
  • Some of us will be staying on property - if you are interested in a more rustic experience, let us know, as there is still room in the "outdoor ed" style bunk cabins.
  • My Dad actually went to Boy Scout Camp here!


Fancy - So rarely is there occasion to dress up, please feel free to be festive and fancy, despite the rustic setting.

Flats - Flats only! Really. While the walkways are paved, prepare for a bit of walking and lots of dancing!

Layers - Napa's temperature can vary, and always drops in the evening, so bring layers - even if it looks like the sun will be shining that day.

Plan B - There is certainly an indoor rain plan, but that shouldn't prevent you from watching the weather, and packing along at least an umbrella - if not galoshes and a poncho to get from your car!